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Belly Button Facts & How To Cure Daily Problems By It

We all have a belly button, but did you know the benefits of your belly button? Majority of us have no idea that our belly button is very important for us and it has its own purpose. So here are some interesting and funny facts about belly buttons.

Babies Lifeline

Firstly, the most interesting and useful fact about the belly button is that a baby which is developed inside the mother gets food and nutrients through an umbilical cord attached with the navel of the mother, therefore when she applies something on her belly button, it directly reaches to her child.

Shapes Of Belly Button

Everyone has a different shaped belly button due to the umbilical cord cutting at the time of delivery when Doctors cut the umbilical cord to detached the baby from mother, this process gives you a different shape of the belly button. Some of the common shapes include,

  • U shaped belly button
  • Wide belly button
  • Oval shaped belly button
  • Almond shaped belly button
  • Big and deep belly button

Bacteria In Belly Button

There are more than 200 hundred types of bacteria present in our belly button. These are not harmful to our body instead they are a sign of a good healthy body.

So now that we know about the belly button let’s move on to the interesting part. How can we use our belly button to cure daily troubles?


belly button oil massage benefits face

Everyone loves the glowing and beautiful skin, but beauty from products with chemicals is temporary and may be harmful to you. Always try to make your skin attractive from home remedies and from organic products. Oil is a utility for us, many natural and herbal product manufacturers use almond oil in their beauty products. Almond oil is best for skin because it contains vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

How To Apply Almond Oil On Belly Button

• Take a few drops of Almond oil and drop on the belly button, maximum 4 – 5 drops.
• Apply few drops around the naval and massage gently around the belly button.
• Try to apply this at night before you go for bed. It will work overnight to give you a glowing skin.


belly button oil massage benefits pain

Menstrual pain is obvious for women. Mild pain occurs during period days and this is normal for every women or girl. Prostaglandins are a group of lipids, the tissues of the uterus make these chemicals. Prostaglandins cause the contraction of the uterus during period days, more prostaglandins means more pain. You can relieve this pain with medication but if you avoid medicine and apply coconut oil on your belly button it can decrease your pain naturally without any medicine.

How To Apply Coconut Oil On Belly Button

• Dip cotton in the coconut oil until it gets absorbed.
• Place this cotton on your belly button for 4 – 5 minutes.
• Massage gently with coconut oil around the belly button and you’ll feel so relieved in no time.


belly button oil massage benefits skin

Dairy products like cow milk, ghee (Clarified butter), and butter is a great moisturizer for your skin. Ghee contains fatty acids that can hydrate our skin cells, it can turn the driest skin into smooth and soft. By applying ghee on your belly button you can get a smooth, soft and flawless skin.

How To Apply Ghee (Clarified Butter) On Belly Button

• Drop a few drops of ghee in the navel.
• Take a few more drops of ghee and place around the belly button.
• Massage gently with your fingertips for 5 – 10 minutes.


belly button oil massage benefits lips

Mustard oil has good fats, it has vitamin E which is good for our skin. It promotes blood circulation, massage with mustard oil gives you healthy skin and improve your immunity system. If you have cracked lips, you must try this remedy.

How To Apply Mustard Oil On Belly Button.

• Before going to bed apply mustard oil in your navel.
• Pour 4 to 5 drops of mustard oil into your belly button.
• Do this every night and you’ll realize changes after some time and your lips will completely change.


belly button oil massage benefits flu

Cold and flu are caused by viruses which may be because of some changes in weather. It is common to get flu and fever, cold, runny nose and cough around that season. Home remedy for this problem is applying alcohol-dipped cotton on your navel.

How To Apply Alcohol On Belly Button

•Dip a small piece of cotton in alcohol.
•Place this cotton on your navel for a few mins.
•It will give you relief from flu, cough, cold and runny nose if you do this before going to sleep.


belly button oil massage benefits pimples

Pimples are a common skin problem there are many causes of this problem. The best and easy solution for pimples is neem oil. Neem is the best remedy for skin related problems, neem oil contains aspirin-like compounds that prevent scars of acne, pimples, and acne from your skin. Neem oil also works for your hair problems.

How To Apply Neem Oil On Belly Button

• Apply a few drops of neem oil on your belly button.
• It is good if you do it before going to bed.
• Keep calm and do it for a few days and you can get a pimple free skin.


belly button oil massage benefits fertility

If you apply olive and coconut oil on your navel it will give you happy and healthy fertility. It improves your fertility and you can easily get you pregnant, your belly button connected to your fertility parts of your body whether you are men or women.

How To Apply Olive/ Coconut Oil On Your Belly Button

• You can apply olive and coconut oil on your belly button for fertility, which is easy for you.
• Drop a few drops of oil on your navel.
• Massage gently with your fingertips around the belly button and relax.


So these are the easiest and healthy home remedies to cure your daily problems, try to avoid chemicals and solve your problems with home remedies at first. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your loved ones.




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