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5 Best Makeup Tips To Look Incredible In Pictures

Makeup for photography is a little different than in real life as nothing is targeting you with a flashlight pointing directly at your face in real life. Your daily routine makeup may be great but for photography, you need some more efficient makeup techniques. With a few tricks up your sleeves you can look spectacular in pictures, so follow these steps below and get ready to shine in front of the camera.

First Step
Primer, Foundation, Concealer

makeup pictures contour primer

Begin with primer for a smooth start, use your fingers to apply primer on your face. Apply primer especially on your nose, your forehead, your cheekbones and under your eyes.

Then choose a foundation that’s perfect for your skin type. When you are applying the foundation for the photograph you have to use a matte foundation. Use foundation in all areas of your face then blends it with a brush overall. Make sure you blend the foundation till the neck as well.

Now its time to apply concealer to get rid of dark area on your face. Best areas to conceal are under the eyes and under the area of the nose. To remove dark circles under your eyes use a small quantity of concealer.

Second Step
Contour, Powder

makeup pictures contour powder

Flash used for photography can hide your structural details so contour your cheekbones and your jawline. Use a dark stick foundation to enhance your bones.

If you don’t apply powder this can ruin your whole look because without powder you face will look too shiny in pictures. Use finishing or setting powder to make your look matte and perfect for photography.

Third Step
Eye-brows, Eye Shadow

makeup pictures eye shades

Eyebrows look thinner in pictures, if you don’t fill your brows in daily routine, You have to fill them for photography. Fill them with brown color it gives natural look to your brows, with this method your face will look fresh and younger.

Your eyes should look bright in photos, use three colors neutral, darker and highlighter. So apply highlighter to your eyelid makes them bright. Use the darker shade to the eye corners, with neutral color fill your inner eye. Avoid shimmery colors in photographs they look very over.

Fourth Step
Eye-liner, Mascara, False Lashes

makeup pictures eye liner mascara

Putting on eyeliner, this is necessary as this will make your eyes stand out and noticeable. Use skinny brush so you can apply thinner eyeliner, keep the brush very close to your lashes.

Make your look more gorgeous by applying fake lashes. 95% of people wear fake eyelashes for photography including brides, models and many others.

Now it’s time to apply Mascara, for photography always try black mascara it will bring out your eyes a lot.

Fifth Step
Lip Stick, Lip Gloss

makeup pictures lipstick lip gloss

This is the last step and the most important step. Pick a lipstick color you like, bright shades look better in pictures as well as matte color.

If you want to apply lip gloss! go for it, lip gloss is a must for photos I say!!

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