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Candy Cloudy Eye Look

when I start this look I was so excited, because candy cloudy look is one of my favorite and I’m so excited to share this look with all of you. if you know me then you know my style of makeup but if you are new here don’t worry I’ll explain to you each and every step carefully. so let’s start.


To start any type of work first step is base if the base is strong and beautiful your work will rock the world

  • The first step is to apply concealer on your eyelid and around the area of your eye.
  • concealer convert your eye into a clear canvas if you want to do eye makeup like a professional this step is a must
  • apply concealer with the help of your beauty blender ( beauty blender is an amazing invention it soaks extra product and gives you a natural look).
  • now its time to fill up your eyebrow.
  • at the start, this is the most complicated step for me but I wanna share my experience which can make it effortless for you.
  • with the help of eyebrow brush, brush your eyebrow in the downward direction now draw the upper line of your brow do the same thing for a lower line of your brow now brush your eyebrow hair in an upward direction and draw lower brow line. now fill the space with the eyebrow filler.
  • whenever you buy an eyebrow filler must choose the color wisely because we want to give you a natural look.


  • After setting your eye with the help of concealer, now its time to add some colors.
  • apply peach shade on your upper crease and blend it lightly.
  • never pick your brush from the start, while bending.


  • applies pink shade on your crease.
  • blend it with the previous color.


  • select your favorite purple shade.
  • apply it to the center of your crease.
  • and blend it perfectly with the previous pink shade.


  • ah, finally we are very close to the final result.
  • cut your lower crease with the help of concealer.
  • fill your lower crease with concealer evenly.


  • on your lower crease on concealer apply blue shiny shade.
  • also, you can use your favorite color instead of blue.


  • at the end apply peach and pink shade to the lower eye line.
  • apply liner.
  • add some lashes to give a bomb look to your eye.
  • apply highlighter to your inner corner.

if you wanna create this look you just need these products.


Concealer: Maybelline age rewind

Eyebrows: NYX eyebrow

Eye shadow palette: Jacob and Eli

Shinner: Jmkcoz eye shadow

Eyeliner: Loreal

Highlighter: Manizer Sisters Palette

Lashes: Ardell


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