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How Different Peoples Celebrate Mothers Day

Mothers are a blessing on this earth, she has the worlds toughest job, working day in and day out 24/7 throughout the year and still smiles when you look at her. So how should we repay her? She deserves a day off in which we should all work for her, give her gifts and make her day so special and peaceful that she deserves.

Mother’s day is also an opportunity for those who have a busy life and there is no time to spend properly with our mother’s or some of us who don’t live with our mothers. It is a great day to express our feelings and spend a day complete with our moms.

I love my mom so much! we love each other and me and my mom is best friends because we live together and every day is special and beautiful if you live with your mother. She knows that I love her care for her but on this mother’s day I wanted to do something more for her and express my love. So I planned to celebrate this mother’s day and wanted to make this day special for my mom.

First of all, I shall share some moments from my life that how I made my mother’s day special for my mom (she is very sweet) than I will tell you some more tips and my future ideas of spending the next one with great ideas. So here goes.


mothers day tree

First of all, I and my brother decided to sneak out to buy some gifts for mom, so we went to a nearby mall to look for them. The mall was fully decorated with balloons and all the stuff for mothers day. There was also a beautiful tree with messages for all the mothers by their babies.

mothers day shop

We were roaming around looking at stuff and searching what to get than we saw far away a sign saying Mother’s Day special 30% Off, we rushed to it so fast, it was a shop named Khaaaaaaadi. They had so much beautiful and pretty dresses, I thought I should buy one for myself too (didn’t have money). So I bought a beautiful dress for my mom from there. The dress was so beautiful and elegant.

mothers day flower

After that, we went to a flower shop and got a flower bouquet of red roses for her because nothing can cheer her heart and brighten her day like flowers from her loved ones.

mothers day cake

And to complete the package we got a cake for her.


I planned all of this just to see the happiness on her face…

mothers day love

And I think I accomplished that 🙂


  • Give her Breakfast in bed(she deserves the break)
  • A day off
  • Make a handmade card for her, it shows more love and care
  • Create a photo album and watch with her
  • Take her to a nice dinner if you can afford otherwise cook her a nice dinner at home
  • Give her a nice perfume or a lotion, something scented
  • Buy her some chocolates and flowers
  • Bake a cake for her
  • Hug her and kiss her
  • If you don’t live with your mom, call her, send a card or make a surprise visit
  • Donate and help other mothers in need if you can.

How do you plan to celebrate mother’s day and what ideas do you have? Share in the comments.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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