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8 Most Beautiful Places In The World For Nature Lovers

Everyone wants to live a luxurious life in big cities chasing their dreams, living in a bubble and never wanting to come out of it. The urban life gives us all the comforts, but for how long? Sometimes we get tired of this pampering life which is covered by total automated systems and living like a robot too far away from nature.

Nowadays life is going incredibly fast, we have zero time to take care of ourselves. Everyone is living in a marathon of life. Stress level is so high and everybody is in a rush. I wish I could get away from all of this and go far away in nature and take a sigh of relief and relax. So check out the list I have gathered from around the world which I think are the most beautiful places in the world which I would love to visit one day.


If you want to take a breath of fresh air, then visit this magical and mysterious road of Dark Hedges. The dark hedge is an avenue of strange trees along the road from Armoy and Stranocum in Northern Ireland. If you are a true lover of nature and greenery and want to regenerate yourself, then you must visit this place. Approximately 150 trees are planted over there and these beech trees cover the entire road. According to old legends, a ghost called the Grey Lady travels this road.  This tree tunnel road is also very famous for the TV series Game Of Thrones.


credits: “Karen Roe”

Bibury is the most beautiful village in England. When you visit this place you understand why this place is so famous. It is the best place for a tourist who is in love with traditional rural areas. The main attraction is the eye-catching honey-colored stone cottages that make it such a beautiful tourist spot who love nature. Charming historical buildings are the identity of this village and there is also a famous restaurant Bibury Trout Farm, where you can catch your own trout and the restaurant serves it fresh.

credits: “Karen Roe”


Your next holiday place should be Hallstatt in Australia. This is the most photographed location in Australia because of its natural beauty. A Market Square is present at the center of this little city with lots of facilities and there is a statue of the Holy Trinity which is surrounded by beautiful buildings. The Charnel house which contains 1,200 skulls is present which was a tradition of this place after funerals skulls were taken and painted and decorated with flowers.  Along the beautiful lake, it has one of the oldest salt mines. This place is very rich in nature and far from any city.

credits: “Thomas Fabian”


credits: “Pedro Szekely”

This calm place is located on the top of the cliffs of Santorini in Greece. It is famous all over the world because of its quiet life and a fantastic sunset. This village is filled with white colored buildings, which makes this city adorable. There is a narrow street so tourist can park their cars at the entrance of the city and enjoy a long walk. Oia has a small port with small boats which can take you to a nearby island named Thirassia. In Oia, there is also a Maritime Museum with a beautiful small library, which is quite attractive. The village Oia has many art galleries as well and many artists fell in with this village and settled there.

credits: “Pedro Szekely”


Khalti Natural Places

This village is famous for Khalti Lake which is located in Gilgit, Pakistan. This is the most beautiful place in Pakistan. Lake water is extremely cold because it comes from near glaciers and the trout fish is the famous dish of this place. The dark blue colored water looks tremendous during the summers and it gets frozen during the winters Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy, camp and walk side by side to this lake.


credit: “IQRemix”

Shirakawa-go village is situated in Japan. It is known as a traditional village due to its style of buildings. Snowfall from December to March makes this village more beautiful. This village is also well known for its traditional farmhouses, some of which are 250 years old. The tourist who comes here loves to learn the traditional art of dying and how to make tasty soba noodles.

credits: “IQRemix”

CUA VAN Floating Village

Cua Van Floating Village is the largest fishing village on Halong Bay in Vietnam. It is surrounded by water and mountains and this place is worldwide famous for its natural beauty. People who love and wants to experience an authentic lifestyle of local people must visit this place. Local people and fishermen live there on their floating houses.

If you want to visit with your loved one than before handbook the boat ride which is very luxurious and is fully furnished and every living essentials are available like Television, radio, bed, chair, tables etc. This place is good for kids and for people who are interested in the culture of Cua Van as well. This place is love for tourists due to its natural scenic beauty and unique style of living.


credits: “Editor GoI Monitor”

This village is famous for its cleanliness, located in India. Guesthouses and many things in this village are made from bamboos like a dustbin. One great thing about this village is that smoking and polythene bags are not allowed here. The environment is purely clean and clear from all pollution. Small Bridges are made by twisted roots here which a very beautiful and another interesting and shocking thing is that they made a sky view, 85 feet high viewing tower, which is also made up of bamboos. At the top of this sky view tower, you will get a stunning view only not of this village but also a mesmerizing view of Bangladesh, the neighboring country. These things show that the villagers made their lives clean and naturally pure.


So which place do you think is the most beautiful among them, which place do you really want to visit and which one do you think I am missing here.



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