Get Sleep Schedule Back On Track & Reset Body Clock

Get Sleep Schedule Back On Track & Reset Body Clock

Yes, the sleeping routine is important. Doctors say that every two hours one of the body organs gets cleansed by itself. This process will get affected if you change your sleeping routine. It is best to hit the bed around 9:30 PM and gets up around 4:30 AM. Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health and the quality of your waking life. There is a solution. These are the few tips that will help you get your sleep schedule back on track and reset your body clock. Let’s get to it! 


sleep schedule back on track eating

Think again if you really need that last bag of chips before bedtime as eating right before bedtime will make you gassy, weaken dietary habits resulting in weight gain and poor sleep. Experts recommend your last big meal of the day should be at least two to three hours before bedtime. This will overall increase your sleep quality, health and improve productivity throughout the day.


sleep schedule back on track darkness

Human evolution has evolved us to work during the day and sleep throughout the night, this cycle causes a sleep hormone in our body to control when our body needs rest and when to wake up. Light exposure has a major role in this as light sends a signal to our brain that it is time to be alert and work. Now that we have so many lights surrounding us throughout the night time also in this modern age, our primitive brains tell us to stay alert and energetic thus causing poor sleep quality, tiredness and feeling sleepy throughout the day. It is recommended that you should dim your room lighting one to two hours before sleeping to gradually tell your brain to activate tiredness and sleepiness. I use smart night lights to sleep better. You can buy the smart nightlight from here.


sleep schedule back on track no sugar

Late night snacking helps you sleep better at night? Think again, eating sugary food before bedtime increases the blood sugar level which stresses the body internally. Some of the most common effects of stressful sleeping are poor sleep quality, physical and mental disorder and laziness throughout the day. If you are a sugar patient we recommend you Diabetes testing kit which is perfect for sugar patients to keep in check daily.


sleep schedule back on track exercise

People who exercise at least twenty to thirty minutes daily tend to sleep better at night. Scientists say that the body heating effect of exercising increases the temperature of the body after which when our body is cooling down the person feels tired and sleepy which helps you sleep better. One of the main reasons for sleep deprivation is thinking at night of stress the next day at work, money problems and obesity. Research says working out helps you reduce depression and obesity which ultimately improves all the aspects of your health and life. Highly recommend you Sports wristband if you want to start exercising punctually.


sleep schedule back on track routine

Brush your teeth, set the alarm and saying your prayers daily make a person have a routine of sleeping at the same time daily as well. Make sure you go to bed in the same place and within ten minutes of the same time every night. If you stay up late then you tend to get a second wind and have a harder time falling asleep.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell what helps you sleep better at night. And also share it with your friends and family!



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